Past Events



Using Maps to Change the World

Download ICS File 29/11/2015 , Qatar Red Crescent Headquarters, 1st floor, Al Salata (Doha) (Parking is near the old Movenpick Hotel)

Maps connect us, help us navigate and tell stories about our communities, our world. CrisisMapping is a growing global space with humanitarians and technical communities joining to use maps for ...

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Django Girls Workshop for Women

Download ICS File 21/11/2015 , Tornado Tower, 5th Floor - Events Hall

If you are a female and you want to learn how to make websites, we have good news for you! We are holding a one-day workshop for beginners! It will take place on 21st of November in Doha . We believe...

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FC Barcelona.JPG

FC Barcelona Sports Technology Symposium

Download ICS File 19/11/2015 , Barcelona, Spain

QCRI's Dr. László Gyarmati selected as featured speaker at FC Barcelona’s Sports Technology Symposium To view more about the sysmposium, please visit the website .

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Introduction to Machine Learning - QSTP and QCRI Joint Workshop

Download ICS File 17/11/2015 , QSTP Innovation Center, Level 1, North Podium, Accelerator Room

As we are entering the era of big data , the need for automated methods for data analysis continues to grow. The goal of machine learning is to develop methods that can automatically detect patterns ...

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Introduction to Big Data - QSTP and QCRI Joint Workshop

Download ICS File 17/11/2015 , QSTP Innovation Center, Level 1, North Podium, Accelerator Room

With the advent of Big Data there are great opportunities to collect heterogeneous information from multiple sources and build novel applications. The Web, sensors, internet of things, consumer ...

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Download ICS File 17/11/2015  - 20/11/2015 ,

The 12h edition of the ACS/IEEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA 2015) will be held in Marrakech, Morocco on November 17-20, 2015. AICCSA 2015 is a premier ...

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Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector

Download ICS File 15/11/2015  - 16/11/2015 ,

Qatar Central Bank organizes the second conference of Information Security under the title Enhancing IT security in the financial sector in today's world in recognition of the importance of ...

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Launch of QCRI's BrailleEasy

Download ICS File 12/11/2015 , 5th Floor, Tornado Tower, West Bay

Launching BrailleEasy We introduce BrailleEasy, a custom keyboard for visually impaired people, to easily and efficiently type Braille on their smart phone.  Changing standard two-handed Brailling ...

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Checking the World's Software for Exploitable Bugs

Download ICS File 10/11/2015 , Tornado Tower, 18th Floor, Conference Room

Abstract My research team's vision is to automatically check the world's software for exploitable bugs so people can ultimately trust their computers. In this talk, I will describe the science behind...

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RSA COnference.JPG

RSA Conference 2015

Download ICS File 04/11/2015  - 05/11/2015 , Emirates Palace Hotel - Abu Dhabi

Qatar Computing Research Institute is among leading information security experts set to gather to address regional cybersecurity issues and trends.

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In the Media

algorithm bridge.jpg

Algorithm can create a bridge between Clinton and Trump supporters


A growing number of people have expressed their concern about high levels of polarization in society. For instance, the World Economic Forum's report on global risks lists the increasing societal ...

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Yahoo Tech.JPG

The hero big data needs? Data Civilizer helps scientists conquer the clutter


Big data is a big deal. With these huge data sets, analysts can gain unprecedented insight into the hidden patterns of fields like physics, healthcare, and finance. Collecting and analyzing this data...

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Taming data


The age of big data has seen a host of new techniques for analyzing large data sets. But before any of those techniques can be applied, the target data has to be aggregated, organized, and cleaned up...

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MLDAS 2017

(MLDAS 2017) Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium

Download ICS File 13/03/2017  - 14/03/2017 , Qatar National Convention Centre

Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium - MLDAS 2017 Building on the success of the three previous events , Boeing and QCRI will hold the Fourth Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium (...

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Past Events

ArabWic for web.jpg

Women in Data Science

Download ICS File 03/02/2017 ,

Here's a great chance to learn about the latest data science-related research in multiple domains, as part of a global project. Qatar's WiDS event will be held here at the HBKU Research Complex on ...

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QCRI - IBM Data Science Connect 2016

Download ICS File 16/11/2016 ,

QCRI–IBM Data Science Connect 2016  Doha, Qatar 12.30pm –5:30pm, Wednesday, November 16 HBKU Research Complex, Ground Level Multi-Purpose Room Google Map link to location

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Boeing Partners with QCRI for fourth annual Machine Learning and Data Analytics Symposium (MLDAS)


The Boeing Company has announced that it will once again partner with the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), part of Hamad bin Khalifa University, to host the fourth annual Machine Learning ...

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QCRI’s Jalees Reader app launched in more languages


French and German interfaces added for free app which allows users to upload books and read them offline.

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IBM Watson robot (ex IBM Watson).JPG

IBM Watson scientist visits Qatar to present platform that 'thinks like a human'


IBM Watson’s chief data scientist Romeo Kienzler has visited the Qatar Computing Research Institute to conduct a workshop on Watson, a question-answering platform that can “think like a human”. Mr ...

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